Rough surface and "stuttering" nozzle

I am using off-brand filament and also BambuLab-Filament. But when I am using the offbrand one, the nozzle starts to print little dots, which results in a very rough surface.
This only happens with the offbrand one and with different colors.

Does anybody know why this is happening and how to prevent it. I would really appreciate your help.

Also here is a picture of the problem where I stopped the print early enough:

You need to provide more info such as what type of filament are you using. Have you dried it before printing?


It is normal PLA. I have not dried the filament before, but this problem already occured fast after unpacking.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that freshly unpackaged filaments are dry. Have you preformed any of the calibrations in Bambu Studio / Orca Slicer for this off brand filament?


I have performed both of the calibrations that are currently available in the slicer. For the flow calibration i changed the value to 0.952

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Maybe try gyroid infill instead of grid. Grid has been known to be hit by the nozzle leaving little dots.

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I’ve come across that kind of chattering mostly when printing with 0.08mm layer height.

Edit: i was referring to the outer wall chatter, not the top surface.

I never print at .08mm layer height. But when i do have any chattering i change to gyroid infill. Matter of fact it is my default now.

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I used adapptive layer height. But in these lower layers, where i stopped the print, the layer height was still at 0.29mm, which should be no problem.

I’m sorry that it took me so long to test your suggestions but I’ve found the solution. The problem was that the outter wall speed was too high with this cheaper filament. This resulted in a too low flow speed. When I reduced the outter wall speed from 200mm/s to 100 the results were way better. I might change the inner wall speed too because the bumps that were created there can still be seen through the outter layer. Thanks everyone!