Routing Bowden

Can the bowden be routed through the oval hole in the frame to allow the top to be enclosed?

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I believe so. I have printed this insert out but haven’t tried it yet.


@laird.chris.mac and if you want an official Bambu Lab part, the cable chain assembly kit comes with this rubber grommet from the X1:


yes it works, see rob.davies reference. I have rebuilt with chain works perfectly

I installed this and the cable chain. Seems to pull the ptfe tubing out while printing. Currently looking for a solution.

Seems to pull it out from where?

Did you insert two different bowden tubes from each side, for them to meet in the middle of the grommet?
One tube should be pushed all the way through.

They also state you need a tube that is 20mm longer than the default one. 550 vs 530. Stating such, one would think it would be included in the cable chain kit…but I can understand keeping store items separate for replacement part reasons.