Run macros from Bambu studio and from the printer control panel

This is a feature request for Bambu Labs.

There are many times when being able to run a small G code program/macro is very useful. (Klipper supports this.) For example, during maintenance I would like to move the bed to the top, clean the lead screws, move the bed to the bottom and clean the lead screws the rest of the way. Then after applying lubricant I want to cycle the bed up and down a couple of times before removing excess lubricant.

Supporting macro G code files on the SD card that can be run from the printer, and providing an interface in Bambu Studio to either run macros, or type in G code commands would be extremely useful. Imagine the above maintenance example that could be accomplished with a couple clicks. It would be much easier than clicking again and again.

I clean my lead screws using string. If I could run a single command to move the bed from one end to the other it would be so much easier to hold the string with both hands.

There are other scenarios, such as trying to diagnose a problem, perhaps a noise during a specific type of motion of the print head. With the current interface there is no simple way to program a sequence of moves then execute it.