Running wires into the enclosure

What is the best way to run a couple of DC wires to something inside the enclosure? Running them temporarily though an opening of the door but it is not the ideal situation, It looks like the back door comes off ,

Do you use a AMS riser for ledstrip light?

yes …but all the lights and wires are outside the enclose …this if for a different “device”

If it’s for a bento box type thing, there’s a hole to the back left corner of machine floor (looking into door) in front of the plastic divider wall that’ll accept two ~20AWG. Hole exits under the machine and you can snake the wires side or back.

  • keep your wires > 30mm away from the back wall opening as the bed supports will come down there. I just snake my across the floor mid panel.

popcorn camera, the hotbed is not for popcorn :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear I am blind, I wonder if different\new X1Cs dont have it?
If you have a handly link or pic would love one… otherwise will pull my machine out of the rack and try and locate over the weekend. Is it normally visible, or pop a panel?

It’s a small hole - looks like the rest… but just barely larger.

Ok thanks for the pic, I dont know why I mixed up with LEFT and RIGHT - I did LEFT of the printer from the rear (so as if I was taking LEFT side panel off from the rear), not MY LEFT facing it… (duh - more coffee before print work lol)

I completely ignored that on the inside left, I thought it might have been those verticle slits in the centre LOL.

I still havent printed my Bento box, fans, magnets arrivved, but I still need charcoal, powersupply and the filament to print it…