Scaming / spaming?

Collecticraft | Published - MakerWorld this account made models that dont even look printed

This is neither scamming nor spamming.

Because those are likely Renders of the models.


dos this look printed Celestial Resonance: Meditation - Sculpture in Mid-Air by Collecticraft - MakerWorld

Take this as an example. A render i made for my Model/Remix.

Models uploaded are allowed to be just renders, the violation is when a print profile is uploaded without an image of an actual print using said profile.

Incidentally it does appear that this user has submitted profiles for all of their models and none of them have actual print images, so you can report those

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yeah they dont look 3d printed. i believe this would get remove if you dont have an actual print image of the model

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Whatever he is doing, you can buy it on amazon.

Search for: Sandstone Sculpture Thinker

Related Models:

Then we have Darth David
As you can see, it looks like badly mashed models. Is it a rip? Probably yes and not marked as Remix.

The wine holder looks like a remix, not marked as such.
Did not compare it fully, but yeah - fishy.

Seems like I found the model.

Talking about the Vase.

Check this one

No questions.


This place is just becoming who can out render the other. Who cares if something is printable. Being good at CAD takes a back door to those who have mastered photoshop.


But only if it´s 1 Button Press Renders. :sweat_smile:
He seemed to understand how Blender or whatever works, but the text overlays look like Paint ><.

The only part that bugs me is how he posted that these works have been a labor of love… blah blah. If he really just ripped off some Amazon stuff I can’t imagine how much labor was involved.


none look the same tho… like they look alike but i dont think he stole the designs as they dont look the same at all :slight_smile:

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image tho dont look printed at all to me

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New Trend on Makerworld



Collecticraft stole design and use screenshot of modelisation and never picture of printed model

This is the original designer, just apply texture

https:// 3dexport. com/3dmodel-statue-443430.htm

Left: Collecticraft
Right: Original Model


Please be so kind as to report him, you seem to have found the right model here.

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ok that is crazy he must have made 1000$ + with that

Wall-E 21303 BRICK by KenPrint3D - MakerWorld how is this ok?
ken you uploaded like 30 stolen lego designs… not one of them is even remotely printable in that assembled form. why is makersworld allowing such stuff like this and the other 25 lego renderings?

oh wait it must not be ok because almost all of them have been removed… yet you keep uploading more. LOL
this place is so shady. the things people do for free stuff.

nice keep it up macerator… i will report you atgain or should i say aneopsy ? keep it up its pretty funny to see you comment on my personal posts and here on the community forum. how many accounts do you even have mister
Aneopsy aka Macerator the water pump. aneito3d… how many other accounts do you have ? also typing on the makerworld and writing like if makeworld would ? lol who are you ? champion of all ???

calling people stupid is aloud ?? calling people names or laughing at them is more tolerated ?? hmmmm