Screen X1 to P1S

Hello is there an option to adapt the screen from x1 to P1s ?

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There is not. However there is the xtouch which will give you pretty similar display features.


I have xtouch but it lacks the ability to run a printout

For the 100th time: No, it is not possible. The ESP32 can not handle the X1’s screen. It does not have the required hardware.


johnstylez has a perfect remix of the sceen by teaching tech which includes a stylus holder and a spacer and it uses a very easy to setup xtouch system on a less than 15$ screen with wifi and much more!

Yes, if you need any help setting it up and getting it working let me know

Have you checked out the new Panda Touch? Seems like it adds and x1-like experience for the P1 series. BIGTREETECH Panda Touch 5'' Display for Bambu Lab Printers – Biqu Equipment

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So one guy says no, and another says yes, others say, kinda :man_shrugging:t2:

You can’t replace the P1 screen by the X1 screen. The P1 hardware does not support the X1 screen. But there are some alternatives like the Xtouch and the BTT Panda. They work with MQTT. But future firmware updates from Bambu Lab will properly prevent the Xtouch and BTT Panda to work. BTT says they will adapt to the API from Bambu Lab to make it work again. But it could be you are losing some functionality.

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Dearest @bambulab. I would pay good money for an official, first-party screen upgrade! #justsaying

Right, it is not possible because AP boards (aka “Brain”) are different and built on different MCUs.

You can look into BIQU’s Panda Touch:

It’s likely that “P2” or whatever the next iteration of the P-series printer will have a screen from A1.