Screw kit for bambu scraper

I would need the screws for the bambu scraper please

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The scraper uses M2.6 x 6mm self tapping screws.

These can be sourced for a couple bucks for QTY 50.


They should be in the printer accessory kit that came with your printer. There’s all sorts of goodies included. The bag looks like this.


thanks a lot I ordered spares on ali

I am 3D printing since the early days of the threaded rod Prusa LOL
For those bed scrapers are a bit of a mystery in terms of why people keep using them.

For starters, with a flexible, removable bed there should be no need to scrap anything.
Those tiny things or a THIN brim however can be a challenge at times.

I use PLASTIC scrapers, no metal scrapers or plastic ones with a metal blade.
While I still use a glass plate on occasion where a metal blade is no problem, on those coated build plates I find them far too aggressive.

Plastic scrapers suck!
Plastic scrapers are too thick!
Plastic scrapers are not strong enough!
All true but also false.
There is plastics like Delrin and other formulations offering superior strength allowing for thin yet strong blades.
Some are available dirt cheap in hardware stores as wall scrapers and for putty use.
Others for the use with silicone caulk in order to remove the cured stuff.

The only issue you might face is that those scrapers can be rather blunt.
Meaning you have to give them a fine sanding on the edge like a for a blunt chisel.
What though if you prefer metal over plastic ?

I would NEVER use a scraper with a stiff blade, especially not if it is a sharp blade - for our use the blade should always be blunt.
Blunt does NOT mean thick and dull…
Those thin and cheap putty scrapers in the square form are as close as you can get to a good scraper - just sharpen and then dull the scraping edge.
Anything thinner would be better but it quite hard to find these days.

Ok, why not a good and stiff blade?
You need to LIFT the plastic…
And you need to be able to get somehow under it.
Those stiff blades let you get in with easy but after that comes brute force.
Great for tiny parts, not so much for a full sized print stuck on the bed…
With a flex blade you can push the blade down gently to have it FLAT on the build plate.
Means there is no edge actually scraping over the plate and causing possible damage.
This works especially well if you sharpened the blade only from one side - like a chisel.
For some extra help spray or drip some IPA or just soapy water around the stuck parts.
Once there is a lift it will screep under and make the further removal much easier :wink:

I still use my sharpened creality scraper (with hidden compartment) for those tricky jobs.

The screws where ment to be used for another project… and the scraper is so that my uncle can clean his bird nest cage btw so nothing to do with the printer :stuck_out_tongue: I personally use plastic scraper for the bed :slight_smile: