Seam orientation & model as seam

Please add the option of aligning the seam to a given direction beyond “rear” such as front, left, and right. Ideally, this will work in conjunction with the “hide seam” option that will trying hide the seam in a sharp corner first and if there are no sharp corner, such as on a cylander, then the seam is placed at the selected direction (right, left, etc).

Additionally, a modifier block that can be used as a seam as seen in the superslicer fork of pursaslicer. This is helpful if you want a perfectly straight seam by using a very narrow block (ie 0.01mm).

Bambu Studio does implement “seam painting” that lets you put the seam anywhere you want.


True and you can get reasonable results over short distances but over longer distances the lines, at least for me, wander and the result is a “mostly” straight that requires a lot of editing to almost straight. A modifier block designated as “seam” makes a perfect line every time, even if 6+ inches long.

I was looking into the same thing and unfortunately it “seams” :wink: Bambu Lab hasn’t implemented these features yet but I did come up with a fairly reliable workaround if you use a Windows PC (maybe similar features built into Mac and Linux but idk)

Use the MouseKeys accessibility feature. Once enabled it allows you to use your numpad to move your mouse. You can use 8 to move the cursor straight up and 2 to move it straight down.

  1. Enable MouseKeys (Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock).
  2. Align the camera as straight as possible on the model (another issue… No orthographic camera!).
  3. Enter seam painting mode.
  4. Click where you want on your model, being careful not to move your mouse with your hand after clicking.
  5. Press 8 or 2 on your numpad to paint the seam straight up or straight down.
  6. ???
  7. Profit.
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I would also like to request more Seam options. The simply paint-on tool make it very difficult to draw straight seams. This has been bugging me since last year, unfortunately no updates so far.

Using the Rear option sometimes creates curved seams that don’t look nice on objects.

Back Seam:

Painted Seam:

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At the very least, all of the “paint” functions need a way to create a straight line - preferably by connecting two selected points. Even using a method like Windows Paint where holding “Shift” constrains the line to horizontal or vertical would be an improvement.

I’ve been able to improve my results a bit by running my mouse against a straight edge like a thick ruler or the side of a box, but it takes several attempts to properly align the screen image, the mouse, and the straight edge.

Well I’m happy to see the new BETA version of Bambu Studio has a verticle seam painting tool. Still a few bugs as the seam doesn’t always appear as its drawn.