Selecting AMS filamentspool from LCD screen on P1S

Since I regularly have no connection between my P1S printer and Bambu Studio, I have to print via the SD card. How can I select which filament roll I want to use via the LCD screen? Or how to solve this if I can’t use Bambu Studio because of connection problems.
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You have to choose the filament from the slicer software, I slot 1 is set in the slicer and you print that file it will use slot one.

Thank you, but what if there is no connection between the slicer and the printer (printer not recognised in Bambu Studio) and I want to print via the SD card. Does the printer always choose slot 1 in that case? Or am I missing something, I just started using my with my PS1

Thats a good question I will shut off my wifi tonight an see what I can find out.

Thank you! I hope you can find something.

I tried it with my wifi off, more than likely you probably only have one filament spot on Bambu Studio. If that is the case hit the + next to fushing volumes on bambu studios. Then you can choose what your filaments are, under process click Objects then you can double click on the filament number to choose which spot you want it to use in the AMS. After slicing save on sd card and put in printer. Unfortunately I do not see any way of doing the different filament calibrations with out wifi.

Thank you very much! I’m going to test that out tomorrow and let you know how it went. It’s too late for me to test it out this evening: I’m 78 and going to sleep now.
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Hello silver118822!
Slept well last night and tested your solution this morning. It works! Thank you for the good help. Now I know how I can still select the desired coil in my AMS via Bambu Studio and save that selection via a 3mf file on my SD card to print it as I want even without a WiFi connection. So my problem is solved. I am now going to read the Bambu Lab Studio wiki thoroughly, maybe I will find further
information about setting the process parameters there.
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Sorry for my Google-Translate-English. I live in Belgium and I am Dutch speaking…

Interesting that this fixed it for you.
For me always Slot one is actually being used, regardless which slot I select before slicing and saving it to the SD card on my P1S :confused:

I even checked it in the slice_info.config of the 3mf file and it specifies

while still using slot 1

For Herve, are you getting the DHCP FAILED when you try to connect your p1s to wifi? I was too, so I went into my router controls (I use Google nest distributed WIFI, which is accessed by Google Home app on my phone) and I allocated an ip address in the static section of dhcp by matching the device’s MAC address, which it displays on the front lcd panel of the p1s. This got me full wifi connection, maybe it will work for you, but you will have to know how to assign a static ip address to that MAC address for your p1s in your DHCP section, as I do not know what type of wifi router you are using. Hope this helps

When you prepare your model right click and go to change filament and select the one you eant to use .