Sequence of walls and infil

Are there any other ways to manipulate the sequence of inner walls, outer walls, and infill? I have been going around and around with these settings, and none of them provide a solution for my circular bridges. I have a floating semi-circle around a solid post and I need the gcode to write this as outer/infill/inner to support the bridging sequentially. What are my options? I barley know how to turn on my iMac let alone code a tool path. Is it even possible for someone to cut and paste gcode for a given layer to create the desired tool path? Does Studio have an option to manipulate this in any way? If cut and paste is possible should I go to and hire someone to right the code for me?

Your descriptive prose is good. But a picture would be worth 1000 words. Show what you’re trying to slice with a screen grab from Studio…

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