Setting AMS Slots in Project file

I’d like some sort of offline way to add what slots to each color needs to be assigned to offline. For Hueforge prints on a single AMS, I set colors beyond 4 to the slots on the 1 AMS. I am not always at my main PC or connected to the printers. I think it would be a cool feature to add to Bambu Studio to do these assignments offline. If there is a way now and I just don’t know, please educate.


agree but there might be two work arounds

  • Simple - in the BS or orca slicer add all four colors and assign it in the order of the AMS slots
    Then on you print select the object colors or materials and that it is it
  • Other Method , for two colors open the g-code file and Replace M620 S0A with M620 S6A , M620 S1A with M620 S7A , then replace M620 S6A with M620 S2A and M620 S7A with M620 S63A - using slot 2 and 3 of AMS

So I started to look into this and got lost real quick. Not sure how this makes colors 5 and 6 move to Slots 1 and 2.

The colors are 0,1 or slot 0,1 and you can change it to what ever slot you wish
5 and 6 are not colors these are used only As temporary numbers for the search and replace all. you can use X,Y instead or T0, T1 or what ever . Just to avoid mistakes
as these command will be all around the G-code and in your Replace ALL can make a mess if you replace directly
M620 S0A with M620 S1A - can’t be done directly
M620 S1A with M620 S2A - can’t be done directly
Step1: M620 S0A->M620 S5A
Step2: M620 S1A->M620 S6A
Step3: M620 S5A->M620 S1A (Slot 1)
Step4: M620 S5A->M620 S2A (Slot 2)
If you find this confusing probably try the other work around and don’t touch the G-code