Setting to Simply Verify a Build Plate is Present

The X1C can determine if the correct build plate is installed, but lacks the user ability to simply check that any build plate is installed.

As a user, I use the Engineering Plate for my PLA prints.

  1. Bambu Studio will not let you slice a model on the Engineering Plate for PLA because the bed temps are set to 0 for PLA and the Engineering Plate.
  2. I lie and tell Bambu Studio I’m using the Textured PEI plate instead.
  3. The X1C verifies the plate is the wrong plate and pauses the print.
  4. I have to manually tell the printer to continue (either via the printer, studio, or app)

What I’d like:

Instead of going into every single profile and setting a bed temp for the Engineering Plate, I want there to be a setting I can enable to just make sure there is a plate, and proceed if so. Then I can disable the specific plate verification.

I propose changing the settings to be like this:

Main Setting: Enable Detection of Build Plate
Sub Category: ^ Verify the Build Plate is Correct

Issue #2780 on github

Good luck! Many have asked and it has been shot down every time because of the plates bonding agent

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Just need enough people on board. I understand the logic behind it, and it is perfectly acceptable to enable this by default for all newcomers.
What’s not acceptable is enforcing this setting as a means to make people use the cool plate, and thus buy cool plate replacements.
The cool plate has its place, but is not the end-all be-all for PLA
I just want to make sure my dumbass actually put the plate back, but not necessarily that I put the “right” plate back.

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Personally I just set the Engineering Plate temp to 55°C in the filament settings, and set a locally relevant value for Price when at it (nice to get a cost estimate when slicing).

I’ve been thinking we should be able to edit certain settings of the system presets, like this one. All user profiles would then inherit that value unless overridden. Another setting this would be perfect for is that filament Price. Not to mention Max Volumetric Speed, if you’ve dialled things in for bumping that…

I guess you could edit whatever json files is containing the system presets but didn’t try it yet. Perhaps it fetches them over the 'net and refuses altered settings…

I’m glad you brought this up! I just now tried editing a system preset and it does seem to work just fine. In my case (macOS) they are located in “~/Library/Application Support/BambuStudio/system/BBL/filament”.

I did this without Bambu Studio running. I changed the Engineering Plate temp to 55/55°C in “fdm_filament_pla.json” and set a valid price incl. VAT in “Bambu PLA Basic @base.json”. I then fired up Studio and the figures are there - in the system presets as well as inherited (unless already set to different) in all applicable user presets. This is nice!

Edit: While at it, I also edited “~/Library/Application Support/BambuStudio/system/BBL/machine/Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 0.4 nozzle.json” and added a line

	"support_air_filtration": "1",

once and for all. Bambu ridiculously didn’t enable it when they introduced it.

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Fantastic work! That is a good work around!
I’d like to mention that just because this work around exists, doesn’t mean the main feature request should be abandoned.