Settings suggestions for sticking sections on articulated prints

Hoping someone might be able to give me some tweaks. Printed out an articulated dragon and about a half dozen sections won’t articulate, they are stuck together. And they are scattered, not jus in one area. So I’m assuming it’s probably a small adjustment.

If anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance.
the file is here

This is a similar problem to a tab fitment problem that I responded to earlier in the day.

The challenge with these print-in-place models is that they work for the designer but are hard to duplicate exactly. This is especially true when crossing from one printer to another and one slicer to another.

I addressed a solution earlier in the day. You may read it here:

What I would first suggest is trying to dial-in using a simpler print-in-place geometry. It will go quicker and you can repeat the trial and error with less filament. Then when you are successful with dialing in the correct X-Y adjustments, try out something more complex like that dragon.

Here is the simplest model out there. Just two cubes.

And this is the page it came from. Tune your filament using the two cube version first then step up to the full model.

Haha, thanks for the plug! What a cool use for the test model – I only ever expected people to use it before printing the cube, not for general tuning, but glad it’s useful :slight_smile: