Setup AMS without using the touchscreen?

Hi, blind guy again. Got my X1C and it’s awesome. The next thing is looking into the AMS. It is my understanding that when loading filament in to the slots, you have to assign names for each one and type etc. As I can’t use the touch screen, is this possible any other way? Is it needed at all if I know which slot has what? Thanks.

You do not need to configure the AMS when loading filament into slots. The primary reason the AMS would like information about your filament is so it can correctly heat the hot end to your plastic’s preferred temperature. However, when preparing a print, you can use Studio to set your filament’s temperatures and type, and even select the filaments to use prior to printing. In general, there is not very many ‘have to use the touch screen’ items, mostly its to check a current print’s time, or to cancel a print.

This is excellent, and thank you very much for the reply. I’ll have to see how much money I have after xmas present purchases as the AMS, even though I am a little dubious about the wastage of multi colour printing, sounds super convenient.

Saying that about the waste, I am aware that Filaprint3d over here in the UK is accepting waste PLA for recycling and though they don’t pay for postage, they give you a %5 discount on the next order which will more than make up for the price. pretty excited about this.