Share your TPU setup for the A1

If you have success printing TPU on your A1 please share your prints, TPU brand and settings used, I have some FilaFlex 82 I would like to do a print with and would appreciate any info or recommendations as to what the best settings would be.

Happy making All

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Hello, I didn’t try the 82A tpu but I succeeded by esun 85A.Here are some tips for you.
First, keep the filament dry.
Second, keep the filament don’t have any pressure when extruders working. For example, if you just put tpu on the bracket, the extruder needs to pull the filament until the plate revolves. So most force form extruders be used in the plate not the filament. I loosed the filament and the extruder can just push the filament. However, you need to loose the filament every ten minutes before the filament get tight again.
Third, try to reduce the speed.