Sharing Two AMS' with Two X1 Carbons?

Well, I just took the plunge and bought my second X1 Carbon with AMS. My question is, is it possible to share both AMS’ with both X1’s?

AMS only has 1 entry/exit tube, so it can only connect to one printer/hub at a time.

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Thanks for the reply. I figured since you can connect up to 4 AMS’ per printer there would be some clever way to enable the same thing but with two printers.

You can switch the AMS between the printers, but they cannot work with two printers at the same time.

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How would that work if both printers wanted to use the same filament at the same time?

With each AMS having only one opening for filament, it would mean that the AMS unit could only support one printer at a time anyway.