Sheet suggestions

I just setup my pre-order for the X1 Combo, but I’ve read about issues with the texture bed and LIDAR, but I don’t want to be messing with glue.

Has anyone discussed the options and pros and cons? What I should get for my core sheets?

I have purchased the new PEI bed from BL following issues with the original stickers bubbling. So far it has been trouble free. No Lidar issues, PLA sticks as it should, it releases on its own when cool and no glue.

The only downside is that the bed temps are higher, so I have printed lid stand offs and I open the door slightly, which increases the noise, but keeps the internal temps low enough to stop any heat creep.

I use the engineering side of the original sheet for PETG, with some adjustments in the slicer for the bed temps. This requires glue, but I’ve had zero problems. I haven’t tried any other filaments yet.

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Can you share your successful petg settings for the engineering plate? I am having a lot of trouble with the cold plate and poor first layer adhesion.

Use the engineering side. 70 to 80 degrees bed temps, generic petg. I apply glue stick to preserve the surface, but it may not be required. Ensure its cleaned with dish soap and dried well before you use the glue stick.

I’ve since moved to the PEI bed, which has been great, but still needs to be kept clean.

I find that a clean with IPA after using the dish soap (once dry) takes any residual soap off the bed.

Do you use BambuStudio for a slicer? I attempted to use PETG on the engineering plate in BS, but it would not slice with the engineering plate selected as the bed type. Do you know what kind of settings change when selecting the different bed types, or if it matters at all?

Yes I use BS. When you select the engineering plate, you have to adjust the bed temperatures for the filament. Currently it is set to zero for PETG.

How well does PETG stick to your mattress toppers, have customers complained of warping at all? Previously I have used fitted sheets for my Prusa MK3’s bed and have had good success, but looking for other options for my X1C.

I’m just curious why you don’t like glue?

This is my first printer and so I’ve only used glue. Anyway, I use the BL liquid stuff and it’s super easy to apply. After a print if needed cover the area printed on with another layer and boom done.

I’ve also use the target purple stuff but honestly, after using BL stick, Target generic, and just random glue sticks… The BL liquid is worth the $16.

I’ve always used gluestick on my Prusa so I continued using it with my X1C. I’ve switched to using the LayerLock Powder Coated PEI for the X1C and found that I just don’t need gluestick for PETG or TPU. Probably don’t need it for PLA either, but I don’t print PLA so I’m not sure.

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