Shhh... Fast 3D printing is ongoing!

Awe the 10 year old is going to flag me, give me a break you child.

For the record it’s probably a new printer.
Reddit - It is a printer!

Also, I think the hostility coming from a today’s old account needs to be addressed. This is not acceptable behavior, the first few comments on this new account were disrespectful with continued hostility towards members of the community.

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If it’s an add-on noise canceling device I’ll be one of the first buyers…

Why would you ever want stainless steel rods? They offer no advantages. The IGUS Drylin bushings are well-used in the industry, they last forever and require almost no maintenance. It is not like they are doing something completely new where we would have to fear that it might be unproven.

And worst case, the entire assembly is like 90€. So if it ever fails, just replace it, but I doubt it will be a problem.

I’m not worried about the bushings

Then what are you worried about? Like I said, IGUS offers this exact combination for industrial use. In IGUS wear comparison, they outperform steel in all aspects, while even being lighter and having less friction.
Except for cost, there is no disadvantage.

Silent stepper drivers? I would like it. I’m not allowed to print in the night by my wife.

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They’re not really “silent”, just much quieter. You might do better buying ear plugs for your wife. :slight_smile:

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I just bought mine, sadly I’m cursed. There’s no way it will be backwards compatible simply because I already bought it… :sob:

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“Its not a new printer lol”

I wonder if this guy will come back and apologize to people now.

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Yep a whole lot of youtube elitists :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: are in convulsions trying to figure out what it is. The “THING”! :rofl:

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It’s good though, nice to look forward to something. Like the Apple jerkfest every september, you kinda already know the next phone will be exaclty the same as the last one :rofl:

Yes at least we only had to wait days for something new. Not years like one that is falling behind massively. You reading this Josef?

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Well, I have had plenty of printers with TMC220x drivers to know that it is much more bearable :wink:

Most noise from the X1 is down to the fans in my experience

I can hear the color change from across my house if the doors open. If you have an x1c, unmount the fan from the side panel and use a pedestal mount. Helps alot. The fans arent noisy for me. Its the movement if the axis and color changes when it flushes the poop at the end.

Some prints almost sound like a techno beat lol

I still want to know what it was I didn’t understand about how active noise cancellation works. User_44873480 (a creative user name if ever there was one) was pretty definitive. I’m worried all the stuff I’ve done over the years was wrong. Will any of my past employers sue me when they also realize they paid me for doing something I knew nothing about?

I’m stressin’ out!


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The reason they don’t use stainless steel rods is due to weight this is one of the reasons they can get the speeds they do

Carbon fiber is light and strong. Stainless is heavy and trying to stop it all of a sudden at these speeds there will be alot of ringing.

This is also a bit too simplified. We see it in the Voron-Community, how much the weight affects input shaper. It for sure has an impact, but it is also not as pronounced as you make it sound. We see it with the Creality or Qidi machines.
They offer similar speeds, while using stainless rods on the gantry.

But, at least according to IGUS - the manufacturer of the bushings on the carbon rods -, they also last longer than the standard stainless rods with ball bearings, while also having lower friction.

So in the end they are advantageous, but steel does not leave too much on the table. Its not like you will have massively worse results if you go steel instead of carbon fiber.

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Need titanium rods :wink: