Shhh... Fast 3D printing is ongoing!

Keep Quiet! Fast 3D printing is ongoing!
Stay tuned for the September 20th Bambu Lab New Product Release to see how we can “Magically” tune down the noise. :shushing_face:


Stop it, I am not ready for this! :rofl:

Tested at 1m(3.28ft) distance, in silent mode. The actual use may vary slightly depending on individual differences, user habits, and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual experience.

This has to be a new printer… right?!

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Thank god. As said before, we should :pray: for backwards compatability or our stuff is going to be obsolete real fast.


This could be awesome.

Mine is upstair and I can hear it as if it was just near to me even using soft pads.

To be fully honest, I have to mention that as I found that I get as good result or maybe even better using high speed I am always using the printer to its maximum limits.

(Note : with a 0.6 mm Nozzle, 0.1 mm layer height and a filament volumetric flow of 30mm³/s)

And the result :


It does not necessarily imply a new printer; however, BL already teased us with two new features, and we can expect more until the event so that it may be a novel printer. I hope they made the add-ons compatible with the existing models.
If I understand correctly, it is active noise cancelling, which, in a simple description, consists of adding a new “sound wave” of the same amplitude but an inverted phase. The “active” add-on relates to filtering and correction to accurately capture the noise to cancel, for which different methods exist. Besides head and earphones, I only experience the technology in cars. I am curious to see how they will measure the noise and, even more, how to replicate the cancelling wave for so many distinct environments.


Steppers can be made to make noise without moving. If the stepper motor driver circuits support it, they can probably do active noise cancellation with the accelerometers the machine already has. The stepper motors would be the noise cancelling transducers as well as the noise generating transducers.

That all being said, if your printer is too loud for you, leave the speeds high and reduce the accelerations. It’s those accelerations (and decelerations) that are what makes all the noise. Reducing accelerations will increase print time, but unless the print is very large the impact should be small.

That’s what the different speed modes are changing - not the speed limits but the acceleration factors.


@DzzD I hear you. So fast I actually run out of stuff to print now. Before, I had a backlog. You know, back when prints took days instead of hours. Now we will be able to tell our grandchildren how rough we had it. Had to print uphill, both ways in the snow.


That’s a good point and more straightforward. But less effective.
I don’t have any issues with the printer noise, as it was easily solved by relocating and proper damping (yet passive).
In the first days, I had it in the office for testing, and the loudest and most disturbing noise was not from the toolhead movements but from the fans, which at first sight cannot be cancelled with the stepper motors.

And if it was icy out, we had to wrap barbed wire around our bare printers to get traction. :slight_smile:

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I placed an order for X1C earlier this week, just received shipping information.
Just my luck that they’re announcing new products.
Hopefully these announcements will be firmware updates and components that can be retrofitted to the current line-up

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30mm3/s? The original extruder and nozzle from bambu lab?

Nope, the clone + CHT 0.6.

It can easily go up to 35mm³/s but I prefer 30 mm³/s for reliability between filaments and to not have to print hotter than the recommended temperature for the filament.

Note : it is mendatory to use good quality PLA (ESun PLA+ work well, Sunlu brand tend to also work well but when I can I stick to ESun)

exactly the same for me , i feel like i’m barely doing any orders anymore because within the blink of an eye they’re done!

Yes been holding off :pray: for a larger bed / SS rods, and no poop chute :slight_smile:

I already think of it as my quiet printer lol

no try and read the statement. it is a noise reduction addon. Do you know how noise reduction works?

Its not a new printer lol

I dont think you understand how noise cancellation works.

I’ve designed noise cancellation systems.

But since you took the time to say you think I don’t understand how they work, perhaps you could enlighten me with your expert knowledge and explain what it is, exactly, that I do not understand about how they work?

I’m inclined to think it’s you that has no idea what you’re talking about and you’re just looking to troll…