Shipping for more than €55 of purchases

I have a purchase in my basket for a total of €128, but when I click to pay, it tells me that I have to pay €10 for shipping, according to the website to Spain from a purchase of €55 they do not charge shipping. There is some error or they have changed the charging policy. The money that I am going to use to pay will be with the discount of €129 for changing the A1 license plate.

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From my understanding, the “Free shipping” is applied when you pay €55 or more out of pocket. The discount from the A1 is applied before the total order is calculated to see if free shipping is applied.

Basically you need to spend more than €55 to get free shipping.


I understand. If what you pay is with a discount voucher or with checks, there is no free shipping so, one way or another, they have to charge you.

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