Shipping to APO/FPO address?

I can’t get an answer from emailing customer service, but hopefully I can get an answer here. Does anyone know if/when they will ship the X1 to AP (APO/FPO US Armed Forces) mailing addresses? There is the option to choose when you enter your address, but when I try to preorder it says that it will not ship to my address. I’m not sure if this is an error on their US website or not available. Alternatively, is there a way to ship to Japan?

I’m in a similar boat. Contacting support they said they cannot ship to Japan at the moment.

That sucks. Do you have APO/FPO as well? The US site should get on board with figuring out how to ship, but then again I am sure they are swamped with orders. I never received a response at all from customer service, which is disconcerting.

I’m out in Chiba. Their international support got back to me pretty quickly but yeah there’s really no reason they can’t ship to you. Sure they’re busy but you would think for a new company breaking into the market they would at least answer you.

Yeah, there’s definitely no reason not to be able to ship to me. I buy from US sites all the time. I just can’t get a response using the customer service on their website. I’ll try again.
I’m sure if I told them I was a YouTuber with 100K subscribers I would get a response, lol.

I’m sure if I told them I was a YouTuber with 100K subscribers I would get a response, lol.

Ain’t that the goddamn truth.

Had the same issue putting in my APO address so I’m just using a reshipping service such as apobox. Been using them for a while and haven’t had any issues.
Would certainly be nice if they did just support APO however as that would save me a few bucks with reshipping costs. Unfortunately still a few companies in the 3d printing space don’t seem to support APO (Hatchbox for example).
Especially since supporting APO is essentially no different from their perspective as shipping to any other US address using USPS.

Yeah, I’ve thought about reshipping, but since I’m really wanting the carbon X1 with the multicolor thing, the expense is already more than I need to spend. I can’t really justify jumping through hoops to spend $1400 just because they won’t look into shipping APO/FPO. Also any replacement parts, etc. I will have the same issue. As much as I want the X1, I am thinking about adjusting fire and picking up a Creality 5 S1 and a sonic pad for less than half the cost. Obviously, it’s not the same with no where near the features, but maybe more practical since parts are ubiquitous.

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