Site Section Request - Dedicated Area for Basic Tips and Guides

We should have a separate area for Guides that people have written up and Basic info.

Right now, a beginner (the beloved n00b) or someone seeking info on basic things has to Search or scroll for hours to find solutions for it.

The answer they seek could be buried dozens of posts deep in a long complex discussion between some of the Pros. They’ll never find it.

I have recently posted a Guide to Calibration. As far as I know there’s no way for this, or others like it, to be pinned in the Forum. Currently the post is unfinished but posted. It’s here:

I have done, and plan, others. I’m also aware of a number of other such threads, some unintentional but developed that direction and hold excellent guides.

It would help everyone if there was a single place to put such guides.

It would also greatly help those of us who are on here doing the heavy lifting. It gets tiring explaining, re-explaining, linking, and explaining yet again the same things over and over.

I’d say the biggest loss of knowledgeable members is that grind.

Of course, some Admin might be needed to move posts in or out, and I sure don’t want to create some monster for the Admins. :astonished: :grin:
But that’s easily managed with the Flag function already present and I doubt there would be more than a few a week.

But I think this would dramatically help this Forum.

EDIT: Another possibility would be to open the BL WIKI to editing IN A SINGLE SECTION for use by the Users. That is what a Wiki should be, by definition … (Please forgive the shouting :slightly_smiling_face:)

We could have a prominent link posted on the left in the Forum Sections that would allow new users to jump quickly to it.

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I thought that would be in the ‘other topics’ → Community Guides.

But I agree that it could be a bit more prominent :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but who goes there? It should be obvious to the noob and expert alike. I’d be bugging you to weigh in there for sure! EDIT: and promoted near the top. Human nature is people don’t scroll.

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How about this one Knowledge Sharing | Bambu Lab Wiki

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Again a possibility, but is it open for anyone outside BL to add / modify something?

I just tried to login to the Wiki and it will not let me using my BL login credentials.

So having the are suggested above would be a good idea in my opinion. I know there are some guides on here but it would be nice to have them all in one place.

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Exactly! Thanks for the thought!

No, and that’s not how Wikis should be.

Thanks for the support! The reason you can’t login is that BL has the Wiki locked, they want it as their place to post guides, so it’s not “Wiki” really, it’s more of a “BL Instructions” site.

Perhaps that should be where what I’m proposing should go.

thank you for that information I stumbled on this page looking for an explanation or find my error trying to login to wiki. Its actually bothered me for months and it pops up every so seldom and I usually just ignore and move on. Obviously not logging in to the wiki page never affected my search it was only a thorn to me. Again thank you for the info