Skip Level 13 (LV 13) in User Level

This may not a big deal for many, but some games skip level 13 and jump from 12 to 14. Maybe MW can skip Level 13 for those who have the superstition? :slight_smile:

Isn’t elevators treated the same way? :thinking: or some of them. :man_shrugging:

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I wonder how those people managed to get through a whole year being 13 :laughing:

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Yes, elevators and buildings in some places skip level 13. I heard in some multiculure places, there are some additional numbers that are skipped as well. Good thing is that numbers are free and no need to worry that they will run out.

Not everyone buy this unlucky 13 thing. For those who cares, another way to avoid level 13 maybe to make a lot of models and upload them all at the same time to quickly go from 12 to 14 :slight_smile:

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i was 13 once, definetly not my best year, that’s for sure :sweat_smile:

I think that MakerWorld has more pressing issues to sort out, and I’m OK if they focus on more productive things.

Probably should skip any level with the digit 4 as well.


Or people should just grow up.


Surely they will survive?

Superstition… Who the f***k Cares… Its only a Number…


Wow, it seems some really get uptight about everyhing :laughing:. This is a light-hearted post, partly to pass the time while BL employees enjoy their hard-earned holiday break. Relax, folks, 3D printing is fun and life is beautiful :slight_smile:

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