Skip option improvement

I was printing multiple objects each with a different color and a couple items messed up, so I tried the skip option and it did skip the objects as advertised. The only issue was that it would still go through the process of purging the old filament and load the new filament of the skipped item. Then it would go back and load the filament of the next item. Being able to skip items is a valuable tool, but it could be improved by also skipping the filament loading cycle for the skipped item.

Whilst I agree that it would be perfect if they did stop switching in to ‘no longer required’ colours,

I think it would make the either pre-worked out or dynamic logic a lot more complicated.

(Sorry for the long reply - just using this response to work out what might be required).

For example they would need to handle:

  1. Having to go through all of the colours used in remaining layers of remaining objects to work out which colours are ‘no longer required’.
  2. Replacing the ‘no longer required’ colour in the prime tower (if present) with the most appropriate different colour (which may be different for every remaining layer).
  3. If at the time of the object switch off the ‘no longer required’ colour is the last colour in the current layer that would make completing the current layer in the prime tower even more complicated as it would need to drag a colour down from the next layer).
  4. Switching off the prime tower and all flushing when only one colour is left.
  5. Removing one or more colour changes will also mean the pre calculated flush lengths between the remaining colour changes will be affected and if not adjusted correctly might result in colour bleed between remaining colours.
  6. Detecting when removing one or more ‘no longer required’ colours results in a remaining colour unloading and then swapping straight back to the same colour.

Some of these complications could I guess be worked around by allowing the prime tower to be skipped too (if the user is willing to take the hit on print quality and colour bleed.)

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