Slicer offset issues?

The slicer is creating an offset in one of my prints at a certain point which is causing the print to ultimately fail. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix?

Was this a one time event? Or did this occur on the same spot miltiple times?

Also, what printer are you using?

Same spot miltiple times. I have the X1

Incidentally, I updated my print file each time but it still happens in the same layer (or very close).

And it is not visible in the slicer?

If not probably the nozzle is hitting the printed object while moving. This can hapen because som part of the print is curling up and puts itself in the way of the nozzle as it passes by.

I see you have a lot of stringing also. That might indicate a cooling or drying problem. Make sure your fillament is dry and you have good cooling settings.

Also Watch your printer as it prints the problem area to see what it is hitting and why.

It’s not visible in the slicer. If the problem is like you say, why would it be happening is the same area each time? Those issues seem like they should cause more of a random issue?

because there could be something special with that geometry in that area that allows for enough give for the part to curl up.
or any number of issues caused by the shape of the part… does the X1C have a circulation fan? if so you could try to reorient the part 90 degrees and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. One other item. I’ve made a number of print attempts and most times I also get a fail in this one area of support. It actually lets lose and tips over, but only this one place. This is a part I’ve printed successfully a number of times in the past. I made an update and needed to reprint. I’ve also made 3 or 4 updates to the part during this series of failed attempts. And as you can see from the photo, I’ve tried different fulfillment that was dry. That’s why my mind comes back to the slicer, but your idea of moving the part on the plate is interesting. Please let me know if you have any further ideas. I will report back after work today.

Looks to me that the part that is failing is also a part with large overhangs (a curved part?) That also has a tendency to curl up during cooling. You might want to increase the aux cooling to max and see if that helps.

Also make sure the fillament is as dry as possible.

Like Chris mentioned, in the blue model it appears to be improperly supported. Maybe its bridged and we just can’t see, but it looks to be cantilevered. Are you manually supporting the model or did the slicer miss that?

On the black model, shifts like that generally occur when there is a crash with the model causing the printer to miscount its actual steps (lose its position). However, that model doesn’t look like a crash offset. I’d check the model and make sure it doesn’t have non-manifold geometry. Generally the slicer will point out geometry problems in a warning tip box. Keep an eye out for that. Also, that model appears to be printed in a direction that makes the layer lines really weak. Consider a different orientation with supports. Might lead to a stronger overall print.