Slicing timeout. Please try to simplify the model objects

I keep getting rejected failed verifications due to this error:
Slicing timeout. Please try to simplify the model objects or use a larger layer height.

For this print project:

The error is ridiculous as the whole project is just a big project. No one has updated a new print for a while and my latest update fixes a mistake in the others;. Bambu web devs, please fix. This error in the verification process is pointless. You need the time to be relative to the volume of the prints or to just get rid of this time constraint altogether. I suggest the latter because otherwise you are censoring great works that might have to be complicated to be great designs. Any of you who support censorship, I have a favorite line for you from the end of the Black Mirror episode titled Nosedive.

PS, 70 char subject limit for this site is also ridiculous.

Update: I was able to get it to upload after I changed strong tree support setting to hybrid for default.

Same problem here… very annoying…
Apparently MakerWorld can’t handle complex models that take a long time to slice. I made this HueForge print that I thought I’d share, but after uploading the verification failed with “slicing timeout”. Suggestion was to simplify the objects or increase layer height; I think doing either of these would degrade the quality of the print, and also would take a long time for me to re-print and verify the profile, and possibly fail again, not knowing the limitations of slicing timeout on MakerWorld. Perhaps the “UPLOAD” button within studio should not be available for models that can’t be verified due to timeout issues.

I have this time out problem too.

I have a very simple straightforward lightbox design. For some reason it takes a very long time to slice in BS. No problem, I can wait and it printed just fine.

But when I want to upload the model to Makerworld it gives me a slicing time out error.

I cant simplify the design. What can I do about this? Can you help me @Tanklet???

I was able to “fix” it by setting the wall generator to “Classic” instead of “Arachne”.

You can find the model here: La Linea Lightbox Osvaldo Cavendoli by Chris1974 - MakerWorld