Small printed part lost behind back cover of P1S

It should have been my first “Dummy 13”. When taking out the print plate, some of the peaces fell off and vanished behind the back cover.
Any easy way to get them out there?
It is not the parts, I do not want to print again - I doubt, that it is a good idea to let small parts accumulate there.

It’s me again. I did not want to tear down the printer for two small parts. In the end I found a solution for now.
I could feel the parts with my finger tips. They were left side behind the vertical axis in the back. No chance to pick them.
I used a small piece of double side sticky tape that I sticked to my finger.
Both printed parts came out this way.

Nevertheless, the question remains. Do I have to take care for parts that end there?
Do I have to unmount the back cover on a regular base to maintain this area?
Is there anything, that can be blocked by such garbage?
Thanks a lot

There is no easy way to get behind the plate other than to remove the dozen or so screws. However, if your goal is to keep that area tidy, while a noble intention, you can forget about it. Just look at the bottom of your printer to see what I mean.

When I upgraded my back panel sheet metal from a P1P to a P1S, the amount of detritus was startling. It’s not to dissimilar to the dust bunnies one sees under a bed except it’s wisps of PLA that came off during various aspects of printing and nozzle cleaning.

Why do the call it nozzle cleaning when the rest of the printer gets messed up? :rofl:

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