Software issue with filament retraction

Hello there, I received my P1P 2 days ago and first day of printing was great, no issues whatsoever. Out of a sudden, my prints started to fail and I believe it has something to do with the retraction. When I print the sd card benchy, it prints perfectly but as you can see in the picture but on some parts of the print it over extrudes material (the blob is what I am referring to).
I have tried reinstalling the Bambu Studio and reverting to an older version but the problem persists. Any ideas of how I can fix this?

It would be helpful if you could tell us which filament and slicer setting you used.

I get that sometimes using Bambu filament and default settings. Once it knocked a tall tree support off near the end of a 15 hour print because it made a blob then hit it at mach ten on the next layer. Happened way too fast for me to pause the print and clip it off.

I’m using prusament PLA but it shouldn’t be from the filament since the SD card files are printing normally. This is one of the pegboard sides after which I printed dinosaur SD card print which turned out fine. The slicer is Bambu Studio.

Turns out its not a software issue because on the SD card scraper it does the same thing. Comparing it to the preview the problem is on those travel circles it creates the blob which messes up the print. Do any of your ptfe tubes move a bit when you slightly push/pull on it as in the picture? Maybe that is the issue?

Since the PTFE tube is only guiding the filament to the extruder, I don’t think that this little bit of movement has any effect on the print result.

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Please have a look in this discussion. It can help. I have the same problem. Is there a way to rollback the P1P firmware update?

Yep, that solved the issue. Thank you!