Spaghetti Mess and can't submit a ticket

I’ve been through the submission process twice and filled out all the boxes, provided picture, and uploaded log files, but the “submit” button does nothing. The ticket submission process is garbage. Tried it on two different browsers and it works on neither.

I’m not sure what order ID means? It just popped up with that order. I haven’t used the printer for about a month but it was printing fine. Then I tried to print some PETG and in the middle of the print it started going haywire, with strings and detritus everywhere. I decided that it might need to be recalibrated so started the temperature test in Orca Slicer, and as you can see it was a mess. Also, my camera stops playing after a few minutes and just freezes. I tried using the Bambu Studio program and gat the same unsatisfactory result. I have fully cleaned the device and re-greased the screws. I have no idea what’s wrong or why it suddenly stopped working (or why the camera no longer works reliably and freezes. I’ve uploaded some other log files from Orca Slicer.

Reprint and but Printer on Silent and see if print fails. PTEG likes slow speeds.

Thanks, will try, but it has always worked in the past. This just started happening yesterday.

Have you dried the filament? Does the problem happen with other filaments?


The order id is the number of your pritner order. They need it everytime when they work on an ticket

“Just started happening yesterday” is a common complaint. More often than not, it’s the filament that’s to blame. Ambient environmental conditions can have a major impact on the performance of the printer. Especially for a P1, where there’s no AMS. Weather changes and humidity goes up, filament absorbs that moisture, suddenly nothing sticks to the build plate or the printer over-extrudes and makes a mess of the print. PETG in particular is very hyrdoscopic (absorbs moisture from the air like a sponge).

Get a filament dryer. The odds are good there’s nothing wrong with your printer.

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If you have an X1C there is mode where you can use the printer to dry your filament. A P1S can also do this but you have to set the bed temperature manually. Both are detailed in the link below.