Spare Part for the Bambu Labs X1E

Anyone know where you can pick up spare parts for the X1E? I ordered two of them from Matter Hackers when it was first announced and they just arrived yesterday.

Main reason for asking is the extruder/hotend has different connection points so my spare hotends for the X1Cs won’t work on it.

Also, is Bambu Labs selling any speciality filaments they’ve listed for the X1E?

As an aside, the X1E comes with the swatches too which was a nice surprise. Also comes with a extra “front light” … Not sure if these items were listed in their promo pages but it was pleasant surprise for me when I noticed them.



Thank you!

And sorry for the late response… :grimacing:

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I have a similar problem, I bought an X1E from 3D Prima and after contacting them to get a part specific for it, I was informed that they don’t have in stock nor they are willing to accept an order for part, although they continue sell the printer! Very poor after-sales service. I think Bambu Lab needs to start making the parts for the X1E available directly from their web store and/or review the terms for their ‘enterprise’ resellers, after all this is an expensive printer that is supposed to have decent after-sales support, this is what ‘enterprise’ customers would reasonably expect, no? Am I wrong?

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Can I enquire as to which part you were looking for? The X1E shares the majority of the its parts with the X1C.

This does not excuse 3D Prima. If they sold you the X1E they should be supporting you.

Hi, I am looking for the Complete Hotend Assembly for X1E wi Hardened Steel Nozzle 0.2mm. After searching through most of the authorised resellers I found one in Germany that was it in stock, so I will be ordering from them.
Some resellers list complete assemblies as for P1P/X1E, even if the nozzle is steel not hardened steel. I am a bit worried about using P1P hotend assemblies in the X1E, the thermistor probably has different specifications, but more concerned about the heating element (and the current it draws) that could kill the board. Has anyone looked into this? I couldn’t find any posts.
Bambu clearly has to look into the terms of their agreements with their authorised resellers, 3D Prima being one of them, one pays a premium for a professional printer that is supposed to come with decent after-sales service (which include parts) and they tell you good luck in finding the part you need elsewhere, we couldn’t be bothered. This is a messy situation that needs to be corrected by Bambu if they really want to make inroads into the professional market, otherwise just stick to the consumer market.

I believe there is no hardened 0.2 mm nozzle option but only a non hardened steel 0.2mm

The materials for which you specifically need a hardened nozzle cannot be physically printed from such a small gap of 0.2mm. They’ll clog, hence no hardened 0.2mm nozzle from BBL

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Yes, you are correct, it is steel not hardened steel, the reference matches.

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I wish Bambu Labs would put some order in this confusion, which parts from P1P, X1C, etc can and can’t be used in the X1E without voiding the warranty.
Although I mistakenly mentioned hardened steel (with the correct ref though), getting an answer (quote: “You can only order items that we actually has for sale.If the part you seek is not found in our webshop, we do not have it.”), is not an acceptable answer for after-sales service.

I have bought some obx hotends from them, I won’t go into detail but their communication seemed more like a 1-guy-operation then a corp…

What you might consider doing is getting a 0.2mm P Series nozzle and swapping over the heater and thermistor. Alternatively you could get a full 0.2mm P Series nozzle and compare the resistance of the heater and thermistor with your current nozzle to verify if they are the same.