Spool information / tags

I am having a small inconvenience with identifying the colors of my filament spools after I have opened them.
I currently have 30+ open filament spools where the only information on the spool is the filament type i.e. PLA Matte, PLA Basic, PLA Tough, PETG Basic and so on. But there is no identification of the specific color. This is slightly annoying when you have several types of blue, gray, green etc.
This is most annoying when printing hueforge pictures as the models often state the specific color you need for the image.

It would have been amazing if Bambu lab included a sticker that we can stick on the side of the spools.
I could model some swatches with the color, but that is a bit cumbersome.

I would love if we could read out the RFID tags to get the specific color in bambu studio or bambu handy. Currently you only get the serial number in bambu studio and a “ballpark” color match without the specific color name.


$9.99 buys you the answer to your prayer:

I have the swatches which was included with my A1 mini. But there are comming new filaments all the time which is not included in the swatches.
Also printed filament sometimes has a slight difference in color compared to the filament on the spool.
In addition if you buy refills you might use spools from other filament types.
A small replaceable sticker with each filament would have done the trick.
Or the posibility to read the full information from the rfid.