Start of print trips house power breaker?

I have just tried to run 2 prints using Generic PC (PolyLite PC) Studio X1 01.06.03 AMS 06.32 and as the print started the whole house electrics cut out, the printer had tripped the fuse/breaker.

I had printed with other materials PLA-CF this morning (cool plate) I swapped to high temp for the PC before the power tripped.

Running Self Test now, has anyone else had a problem like this?

Failed again after self test.

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The X1C is only rated at a 5amp maximum draw which is well under a typical house circuit limit. I suggest unplugging everything else connected to that circuit/plug and going from there. You could also try using a different plug/circuit.


If you have an electric hair dryer, plug that in to the outlet and turn it on. If the breaker pops, you need to call an electrician. If the breaker doesn’t pop, there’s something seriously wrong with your printer and you should unplug it and contact BBL support for help.

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Finally had time to run the hairdryer test and the sockets used for the printer do not trip the breaker.

Printed fine again with Cool Plate but tripped again with High Temp.

I’ll raise a ticket now and see what help I get.

Thanks for both of your responses :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d still look at whatever else is plugged into the circuit and unplug any major loads first. If it runs with the high temperature plate, you have a load issue. If it still trips you may have a short that occurs in the heater.

You haven’t said if it heats up some first, or trips immediately. If it’s above a certain temperature, heat can find weak points in wiring. Either one would require customer service.

Know anybody that’s good with electrical or electronics? They could test the current draw for a spike when the heater kicks in.

One more thing not mentioned. Is this on a GFI circuit breaker or outlet?

Hi, thanks for the reply Quietman.

Start Temps
hot end 25c
heat bed 25c
enclosure 30c

Fail Point Temps
hot end 75c
heat bed 102c

PC profile has bed temp at 110c.

I have printed PC a month ago without any problem.

I think there has been 1 update in between printing. I have not tried a rollback.

No other item connected to power outlet. 13amp fused UK 3 pin plug; fuse not blown.

Yes, new, year before last GFCI (in the UK we call it a RCD (residual current device)).

The RCD should trip before the fuse as that’s a different type of fault. Current won’t necessarily get high enough to blow the fuse before the RCD trips. Then it also depends on whether the fuse is slow blow, or fast blow as to which will trip / blow first.

The fact the RCD is tripping makes me think you have an issue in the printer. Although you can have an RCD go bad, I’ve had 2 GFCI’s fail in my house. At first they’d trip occasionally, and eventually they refused to stay closed. One was over a decade old, and the replacement failed in only a few months. The second replacement has been working fine.

Its weird that the plate is heating up faster than the hot end. That’s another detail to give customer service. It’s almost like you are getting a thermal runaway once you get to a certain point on the bed. Since the RCD trips at 102, the printer won’t throw an error message calling out thermal runaway as it’s not hot enough.

Of course, this is all armchair troubleshooting, so it could be something else.

Just read the thread on extrusion problems after the firmware update. Turns out other problems cropped up too that were dealing with both temperature and extrusion. Doing a factory reset solved most of the issues. I’d include bed issues as some people had adhesion issues that were cleared up by the reset. A couple said they had to redo the project as the files saved under the old FW version were having temp and flow related issues.

It’s a stretch, but you might want to give that a try.

I did the factory reset on the printer cleared profiles in Studio and set up a new test print but had the same result.

Bambu are currently checking the logs, I guess I will have to wait for them.

Any update on this from customer service? I am having the exact same issue. pla printing fine though PC trips RDC.

only change i guess has been a firmware update.

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I have an update. I’ll post the details this evening. Watch this space :blush:

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So here is the out come of my support ticket.

Bambu stated that the X1 is compliant with EU laws and that if I am running 2 or more printers that may cause the RCD trip.

As I only run 1 X1 and the fact that I have already printed .9kg of PC pre-firmware update Bambu said “It is highly likely that the heated bed has been damaged which will require replacing.
If the issue is confirmed, we would be more than happy to ship you a replacement in order for you to replace it.”

Today I received my tracking for a replacement bed.

It seems obviously that the firmware update caused something to change/burnout/fail etc. to some, 2 at least printers. If you never print with the bed over 102ºC you may never know yours has also broken.

Never mind, Bambu have checked my printer logs, asked me to do the check that have been pointed out above and have honoured the warranty and sent a replacement without any problems.

So 5 out of 5 :star::star::star::star::star: for the help so far.

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Nice, so the RCD saved the day. Always connect your printers to a grounded socket, folks.

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So my replacement heated bed arrived on Thursday; I was all ready to change it over on Saturday, today when a firmware update landed for me first thing Saturday morning, Bambu Studio updated Friday night. I decided to do the up date first before stripping the old heated bed out. You know, just in case.

All went fine, no problems with the print just has it had done before the last firmware update.

I will inform Bambu and get ready to send the bed back to them.

I would check both beds for warp before contacting Bambu. If the new bed is flatter, I would keep it.

Run it every day for a week at the higher bed temperatures before sending the other bed back. They obviously saw an issue in the logs…

So I sent my latest logs and offered to return the bed and was told that I could keep the bed as a spare.

I’d much rather be given the bed than just keeping it when Bambu have been so helpful.