Start prints from SD card/built in memory from Handy App

Would be stellar to have filesystem access from the mobile app so I can “Slice All” then “Send All” and as long as someone is near the printer when a print finishes to remove it, I could select the next plate in the file from my mobile app and continue printing


If someone is near the printer to change plates, couldn’t they start the next print? I guess you would need an intelligent minion…

Yes I’m frequently finding myself in the service of the infamous barely sentient braindead stoner roommate(s) so… It’s also notsomuch about changing plates as it is about the involved workflow I would require. If it were just swapping plates that would be easy, but it’s about swiping everything off, peeling the 2 purge lines off, removing the flow calib pattern if I’m changing filament, and staying on top of glue stick/hairspray maintenance (can I get away with just running it under the faucet really quick to rehydrate the glue/hairspray that’s still there, or should I wash it and apply fresh glue/hairspray?) it’s sorta involved, y’know?

Damn trained monkeys are SO expensive (and DANGEROUS!) and the last neighbourhood kid I caught prowling around in the dead of night escaped recently so I’m fresh out of alternatives (jk)

It’s just not fair that I can ALMOST get similar functionality by, for example, from the app I can STOP a print, then choose the print again option, which gives me the print dialog where I can select to use the AMS or not, bed leveling, etc. I just need the ability to manually change the file it’s accessing, everything else is already there!!!

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If you didnt figure it out yet there is a way to start it from bambu handy as long as its loaded on a sd card go to device hit the 3 lines at top select micro sd then model and you can start a print from ur sd card from there i had same issue wife cant start a new print for me but she can clear it off

Well here it doesnt work. Are you sure?
I can send the gcode via Orca slicer tonthe sd card. Than i can start it via the buttons on the printer, bit not acces the file via the handy app. Only thing i can do is re-print the file, but not print it for the first time. Actually thats a must for me sinds i just want to send all the files to the printer and than be able to start the print from my phone.

Im using the p1s

Oh ya you would need to load up your sd card via pc then put the sd card in your printer then you can use the method im talking about so you would need to pre plan the prints