Startpoint for Persons with a minimum of technical background

To get a startpoint, it`s may not that easy. Here are 2 of the most valuable links (from my point of view) that I usually give to people who have a technical background but have never dealt with 3D printing:

A Video in a beginner View. What you couldn’t explain on that top level view if you’ve been working with 3D printing for a long time:

And by the way: If I buy a new Tool, I talk as well back and forward to everyone I know. So beginners come into 3D printing to someone how they know. Doing a mess on a solde product you will hit your Company more sirius than to a negativ review. You come into thrue Reviewers but you will surview thrue the quality of your product and the mainternace how will show up over 2-5 Years…