Stealing Model and Photoshopped Photo from Original

These two model were taken down.


That Jony account is back under a new name. They must be using a bot or something as well for downloads as all of their models hare only been up for an hour and the download rate grows by the minute.


A reverse image search on just a few of those items shows they’re stolen from elsewhere. I thought it was funny the description of the tictactoe game is not related to tictactoe at all. “The train in line is a game that consists of drawing a line on a paper and making it pass through different obstacles, such as circles, squares, triangles, etc. The”
The nicer of the two though comes from a user on printables that’s pretty established, and it’s obvious this isnt that user, and isn’t authorized by them.

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@MakerWorld @SupportAssistant What exactly are you guys doing to prevent this? People just make new accounts and reupload the same stolen models.

I would really like to see plans and actions to stop this. It is only getting worse.

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Thanks for the heads-up and reporting this. It seems they removed the listing but I appreciate you looking out for designers and stopping those cheaters!

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This is crazy.
But looking at different 3d-sides I see often things, which are not new inventions, but just copies of things you can buy at the next shop. (And some of them I had bought years ago.) I doubt that it was the origninal creator who published them as 3d-prints.
Is this better?
I would find this to be ok, if the original has some week points and someone improved it, but it doesnt seem so. They are just remakes. Likely violation of copyright.


Reported the balloon dog again. Unfortunately I don’t have time to go through the rest of them and find out where they were taken from. Hopefully the whole profile gets taken down again.

I transferred the message to the moderator.
Reporting them would be more efficient, the moderator will handle it.

We got something new here;

I believe this is a fake copy account:


I’m going to contact the designer on Printables to confirm.

Jony is back with a 3rd account

*edit… he engaged his download bot, sitting here refreshing his page and the numbers keep climbing.

All 63 Models posted by Ozymandias have been removed. :pray:

Guess who’s back for a 4th time.

*edit he’s so frazzled from quickly re-uploading he’s getting his profiles and pictures mixed up. :rofl:

5th account

Good gravy. Can’t this person be IP blocked?

Edit: I reported all three models and they were taken down. The profile is still there though.

The description on that wale cheese. As it translates. “Hello, this is Bing. I can help you with your request. The history of cheese in English is as follows:”

Lower effort than you even realize at first glance.

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6th time

7th account as well

8th account

Are you reporting them as you find them? I don’t think the Makerworld moderators responsible for reading the reports also read these forums.

I reported the 4th or 5th account (i honestly lost track,lol) last night and was told they didn’t have enough info (although I see they have been both taken care of today)

Right now I’m just posting them here to put more eyes on them. It’s pretty easy when they keep uploading the same 20-ish files. :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for doing that!

The way I’ve been reporting them is I go through the models, one by one, and provide links to the originals, and screenshots if needed. I was able to get the fifth profile taken down in this way.

I’ve just done the 6th account now. It takes a lot of time, maybe someone else could volunteer to do the other two?

LOL. And wrong models in every post…

You see that an get…

THAT! :smiley: