Stealing Model and Photoshopped Photo from Original

This user is stealing all the model out there, you can simply just drop google search those image and match it with AI.

All those photos are shopped. Now this user is putting the model up for competitions. Clearly stolen.

All these reports are denied, MakerWorld team you’re not doing your job properly!


Pretty much the entire listing on his account is all shopped. Pen holder is identical with a switched background shopped.

This includes the cat toy. As someone works with photoshop, I can tell you these are shopped.


@Tanklet , we need your help to check in with Makerworld team… they are not investigating these claim properly.


Anyways, shopped photo. Not sure why the claim still did not go through sadly.

Welcome to MakerWorld! :rofl:

What a disgrace! Let’s see if maker world will take any action. They actually featured that cat toy :joy::rofl:


Yeah I remembered that, they featured a stolen model of the cat toy.

That user probably now stolen Bambu money.

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Probably no action will be taken, that user has other problematic uploads, probably just another good friend of maker world staff or the maker world staff are just a bunch of inexperienced kids that just learned what 3d printing is after they got the jobs and can’t recognize old models or just haven’t seen much in general, I can’t think of any other explanations that make sense.

Lots of customer support have untrained eyes about the Internet fake things, manipulated images, ai images.

I have seen too much and recognize what is stolen and just from the first photo. Then I use AI search match immediately - there are also pattern user uploads the quality is inconsistent and different hands etc.

Once I spot one upload, I hunt down the rest of the uploads within that user.

Check the comment of this post lol clearly know what he is doing.

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Heck at least the ones you are going after put some effort into their shenanigans. The ones I’ve reported just copy/paste the files/pictures. lol

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I’ve seen that one, so obviously a bait and switch until he was exposed. But it seems that nothing will be done about it, it seems that currently MW will only take action if someone blatantly uploads a stolen design with stolen images at the same time, anything else they don’t really care. I’ve seen some people upload designs as their original design on MW but in their descriptions they have links to the original models from thingiverse or printable, that seems to be fine by MW standards, so…:man_shrugging:t2:

Links to the original and if the original allow resharing, remix but required attributions. This is fine.

All the reports I have submitted are without attributions breaking the CC license. They claim it’s their own.

Thanks for finding my vase and letting me know.

here is another one.

@BambuLab @MakerWorld could you just ban this guy already?

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Normally I don’t have an eye for these sorts of things, but I found one in the wild.

stolen from:

They’re also using photos taken from aliexpress/Amazon.

@The_Crafty_Maker - I think this is your model that they stole. I’ve already submitted a copyright claim for it but since it’s yours then I thought you’d like to know.

everything in this profile is stolen.

Wow, they racked up a good bit of points for that dog print.

*edit … Gotta laugh, early on they put some effort into hiding the stolen work. But the most recent uploads are just the copy/paste. Guess the greed took over.

2nd edit… While looking at the rest of their profile I see it’s gone now. That was quick.

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I reported the whole profile

The profile is back. Missing a bunch of models though.

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So stuff like this is ok? Golden Crown - By 3dcave by ArkyPT - MakerWorld

On thingyverse:

He provided the original link, so there’s that.

But he should have post as remix.

That’s exactly what I thought, they should’ve posted as a remix, therefore it’s not ok in its current state