Stop Unload filament after each printing

Hello, is there a way to stop AMS to unload Filament after each print?

I don´t need this. I only want to have it if on a new print the Filament needs to be changed.


Use a Y Splitter and load from an outside source do a manual removal when you need colors? I am really confused why you want to mod the software instead of making it easier on yourself, is there something you’ve not explained yet?

Put a pause in your G-code at the very end of the print, and when the printer pauses, abort the print. It doesn’t unload the filament when a print is aborted (at least, it doesn’t seem to do so on my printer).


Ok can you send me your End gcode if it Do Not unload for you

I want to have this to changed because after a short Print it makes for me no sence to unload.

This has nothing to Do with manual load. I have a splitter inside.

The only thing what happens is that the cutter in the printer which Cuts the filament need to be changed earlyer. And this makes no sence for me.

I want to use ams because if i pint 5 parts in one color and other 5 parts with differnt color I dont want o load manually.

So if it do Not Happen on All peoples Printers maybe there is something wrong where it could be changed in config/ endgcode… .

Do anybody know where?

Just have each part printed on the plate as a whole model before moving on to the others, which is done in the slicer, just tell it to print by object instead of by layer

Ok thx But i also want Not to unload if the Print is finished. I only want to unload of a Differential slot is necessary aß long aß this is Not Necessary it should Not unload. Is there any config where i can do this or is it in the gcode or is it in the system integrated.

And what i am wondering is that some people. Do Not have this.

because the automation doing all of it causes you what 15 extra seconds? They won’t ever do that you’ll have to create your own software fork and create it yourself, too many others need it

There are several “Fast Start” gcode modifiers available on the web. I’ve been using this one for a long time and it works great. I use this if I’m doing a bunch of small test prints one after another with a single filament to fine tune something.

Ok I take a look the end code is the same. But now I found where the AMS puls back:

The Question now is, what lines do I have to remove so that the pullback do not happen

Is it up to M621? What is M620 for?
The rest of the GCode is clear.

There is something more, but I think this is not necessary:

Any updates on needed changes to end code? Did somebody figured this out?

No I haven´t time to do this. My goal is that it only pull out the filament if the color is changed ore I do it manually.

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I know this thread is a little old - but the Wiki was updated in January with this…