Straight (travel) lines on top layer surface


Yesterday I had my first print. I have weird lines on my top layer surface. See pictures below, they are marked.

How can I prevent this?

I think you are having a similar issue as me.

It looks like those lines are from it drawing the lower top surface.

This bothers me too, prusaslicer also did it. There needs to be settings to force a top solid infill layer at any height. Those lines are because the slicer always slices the fill differently under the letter even if you use 100% infill.

Did you fix it? Or what did you do to improve it?

This setting under Quality > Advanced seemed to help


Smaller features seem to be absorbed better, but if its a large area it still will draw some sort of base for the above feature.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to fix it completely. I’m convinced its a limitation of Bambu Studio/Orca.

Have you tried changing the top surface pattern? I found Concentric does a decent job for certain pesky prints.

I’m surprised nobody has chimed in and suggested the ironing feature. Have you tried that?

I’ve found that while it doesn’t produce perfect flat results like let’s say, printing on a smooth plate does for the underside of a print, it does do a very respectable job of making the print look very smooth.

Alternatively, you could try to change up the top layer patern. I’ve had mixed results with that approach.

But nothing is for free. I also found it ads a substantial and I mean very substantial amount of printing time. This is more severe the more horizontal flat surfaces there are in the print to iron out. The reason for this if I understand the algorithm correctly is that how ironing works is to drag the hot print head back and forth without extruding any more material thus causing the underlying layer to smooth out.

It is available as both a global and per object basis.

Try this little experiment. Create a cube primitive of some size, I prefer 30mm x 40mm x 2mm which ensures decent flow between edges and the 2MM thickness also ensures that any features from the plate will not transfer through. Then clone that object to make four copies. Change the per object parameters and perform the print.

You will also want to experiment with the different patterns although I found that the default rectilinear works well enough.

Das Problem habe ich auch, genau wie viele andere Leute. Das Bügeln funktioniert nicht immer gut, auf großen Flächen entstehen manchmal dadurch neue Linien durch Filamentablagerungen, weil Filament beim Bügeln abgetragen wird.
Ich habe es selbst noch nicht ausprobiert. Aber eine Möglichkeit wäre, die oberste Schicht im Modell, etwa 0.2mm bis 0.4mm, auf der das Problem auftritt, mit einem Modifizierer zu versehen und die Schichthöhe niedriger einzustellen, so dass mehr Schichten als üblich gedruckt werden. Womöglich finden Sie eine Einstellung, die eine sehr glatte Oberfläche hinterlässt. Einfach mehr ober Schichten in üblicher Schichthöhe könnten auch schon helfen, aber ich denke, dass diese Linien einfach an anderer Stelle an der Oberfläche wieder erzeugt werden.

I also have this problem, just like many other people. Ironing doesn’t always work well, on large surfaces sometimes new lines are created by filament deposits because filament is removed during ironing.
I haven’t tried it myself yet. But one possibility would be to add a modifier to the top layer in the model, about 0.2mm to 0.4mm, where the problem occurs, and set the layer height lower so that more layers than usual are printed. You may find a setting that leaves a very smooth surface. Just more top layers at the usual layer height might also help, but I think these lines will simply be recreated elsewhere on the surface.

I know this post is a couple months old, but I found it while trying to troubleshoot similar/same issue and thought I would post a reply in case anyone else is searching for a fix.

checked the suggestions on this post and several others and was unable to find a fix for the issue I was having with scars on the surface / travel lines. While checking preview mode I found that while retractions were happening, there were some travels which there was no retraction specifically in the internal solid infill. These lines on earlier layers are what was causing the scars / travel lines showing up in the surface of my prints. After some experimenting and rechecking the travel lines / retractions in preview mode I found a setting that was removing some retractions that appeared to be responsible for this issue.

The setting is under Advanced toggle > Others > G-code output > Reduce infill retraction. This was toggled on, after toggling this off, I found that the missing retractions were now present in preview mode and after printing I found the issue with travel lines / scarring was removed.