How to make multiple top surfaces smooth

I create a lot of plaques, nametags, coasters, etc where I’ll have 2 main top surfaces.
1 - the first top layer that is the base
2- the actual top layer with the raised logo/text, etc

I struggle with slicing the 1st top layer smooth. It always has remnants of whatever is above it. This seems worse when the features above are larger.

I’ve tried to put in a height multiplier and make that range of layers 100% infill.
It is 100%, but it creates these little traces which really make that layer not look clean when its printed.

Cura does this without issue. I tried to slice in this issue in cura and it looks like the Top Surface Skin Layer value can cause this. This option is not in BS (or Orca)

I have found the Only one wall on top surfaces setting when set to not applied helps this.

Here is an example - both layer 20, right before any features.



I’ve played with loads of settings in BS and cannot improve this.
I’d guess this is a common workflow others do.

Can anyone think a way around this?

make the bottom the top play with different plates they have different textures available


works great


Thanks for the replies, sorry I’m late responding.

I’ve tried using the bottom as the top but in most cases I want the logo/text raised. To do that I’d have to use supports which would be hard to remove, or print unsupported. Both of which don’t produce the best surface.

I’ve never liked the look of ironing. This printer can lay down really nice top surfaces but…the slicer is not letting it.

Here is the same print I had in the OP stopped after the last white layer. This layer is 100% infill but you can see the weird way it printed it.

Maybe play with first layer line width. Mine is set to .5 with most of the rest set to .42. It looks like that’s about the difference seen between the center part of the odd shapes and the main top surface. As for the outlines, I’m still looking through settings for ideas.

You can improve the quality by slow down the top surface speed and top surface accelleration.


I am struggling with this very issue.

Have you found a solution?

It appears your raised objects do not begin at the same layer where your base platform ends. I can see “indents” on your base surface where your raised objects are going to start printing.

BTW, I was trying to do inlaid text by cutting the letters and then extruding the new color into the cuts, but the interface between the colors had a crappy surface. I found that doing a flat surface and then raising the text just a layer or two (0.2mm or 0.4mm depending on light transmission characteristics) provided a much cleaner/crisper result.

@Hypnoctopus - unfortunately not.

@ronrow909 The models I’m using are .stl’s and .3mf’s exported from Fusion360. The same models are OK being sliced in Cura. I’ve not tried any raised letters/logos created in Bambu Studio itself. I may try that out of curiosity but I need my F360 models to slice OK.

I can’t figure out how to post a new question…but mine is similar to this I think…I have this file that I printed four times and all surfaces are super smooth to touch- now I can’t get it to print smooth for the life of me and I don’t know if I changed something or not. The only thing it shows I have on is “ironing”…I’ve been trying to get help from support but figured I’d try here and see if anyone knew

Any pics?
You described what sounds like ironing.

Are you saying that you have ironing on and its not the same as it was before?

Not really related to this thread though.

Sorry, im newer to the 3d printing world- just trying to make all the top layers smooth on this plaque. I don’t know how well you can see it but the plaque in the front is really rough to the touch- the one in the back is super smooth. I have ironing turned on for both of these. Same settings- not sure why the difference.

I’d do a very detailed look at your settings. I’ll bet something got changed.
It almost looks like thats infill showing thru. Perhaps under the strength menu, make sure you don’t have Top shell layers set to 1 or something.


Perhaps start with a default profile and turn ironing on.

Are all your prints like this? If you print say a calibration cube, do they have these top surfaces?

@James210, it looks like you definitely have a different setting between the two of those prints. If you’re 200% sure the settings are the same then I would start looking at replacing your hotend. There looks to be a bit of under extruding going on there which may be from a soon to be clogged nozzle.

@nate4635 i 1 week into printing, i doing the book mark thing, most of the book mark face is down so it look nice, but some i want the top layer to raise so cant put down. Basically i have some trouble like you, after watching a video about top surface skin layer i found out that bambu dont have this. I also dont want to ironing cause i print whole plate and ironing would make it double the time and not worth it. Have you figure out how to improve this?

I haven’t but there has been some good conversation in this thread. Why does it do this to my top layer! - #7 by fabien

Hi, this top layer issue before raised letter drives me insane !! Especially because the problem did not exist in the 1.5 version of bambu studio. I’ve tried to change every otion I could in BS 1.7 to correct the problem but couldn’t find anything. So for now, every print that need a clean solid top layer before raised letter, I’m using BS 1.5. Works great, but BS 1.5 has not any Printer porfile for P1S, has not the option of only 1 wall on first layer and neither can you cancel object.
It is very frustrating to have to be using a older, less develop version to get good result, but att least it works, you should give it a try.

ok, so, that was actually pretty simple for me, after doing more research, you need to untick the apply only 1 wall on top surface to get back to a nice solid top layer :slight_smile:

For me it still does it if I have a model with a larger top feature. That setting does improve it but does not eliminate it.

Your model has smaller lines/text so I don’t doubt that setting remedies it for you.

I’m going to download 1.5 and see if it works for me.