Strange change in pre-printing start-up

After tensioning the X-Y belts on my P1S following the belt tensioning procedure found in the WiKi and also running the calibration something odd began to start happening. Now, just after the print plate is contacted the usual 6 times, the printer goes into a really long drawn out vibration routine rather than the shorter one it used to do before I tensioned the belts.

Here is the procedure I followed.

It still prints fine but this sudden change has me quite concerned.

Would anyone here have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks for any help on this.


I think it’s normal. Right after I updated the firmware and ran the calibration it was doing a longer vibration routine - several distinct frequencies, then at some point it got shorter. After belt tensioning and calibration it did the longer routine again and now I think it’s back to short single buzz of each axis.

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Thanks for that and I hope you’re right. Guess I’ll just wait this one out and see if things change over time.

At the start of my printer’s life it was also doing long vibrations… I don’t know if it was after an update or not (i know at some point I updated the firmware) but, sometime within the last 2 weeks it started doing shorter vibration sequences to calibrate. So, you’re not alone in that.

I believe tensioning the belts will change the vibration frequency , which in turn would alter the frequency tuning being performed by the printer

What is resonance frequency identification in Bambu lab?
Resonance frequency identification runs every time to help maintain the correct tension

Just an update.

After running a few jobs the printer has once again settled back into it’s normal start up routine. :+1:

Thanks for all the replies. I hope this thread might help others having this issue with their printer after doing some maintenance to it.

If i believ it is relearning the tension for input shaping, once its consistent i imagine it chops down the calibration sequence. Just and fyi as to why i think it happens and happened that way