Strategies for reducing noise

I have an X1-C that I need to move to an area of the house that is lived in more. So I’m looking for strategies to reduce some of the noise coming from the printer.

I have a muffler on the exhaust fan and that has helped a ton. The noise isn’t too bad really, but if there are some simple things I can do to reduce the noise further I’d like to.

Any suggestions?

Just curious about this muffler you speak of. What does it look like? I have a similar issue.

I think this is the one that I use, but there are several designs out there: Printables

Be careful with the muffler idea, Bambu states it could cause potential problems.

Interesting. I’ve been printing with that muffler on for 1.5yrs without any issues, but I also print PETG, not PLA.

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Hopefully in a future firmware we gain access to the noise cancellation feature found in the A1 mini. The CEO talked about bringing it to their other printers later. Just don’t know what constitutes “later”… LOL