Stringing Issues

Same problem, right now I’m testing with a bambu sample including with my A1.

Yeah ill try seeing if their filament is any better some people are saying hardened ste nozzle fixes it but idk and there out of stock

I am also having layer shifts does anyone know why these problems are happening I’m having stringing and layer shifts on larger prints

I also had a lot of stringing issues on my A1; I also ordered the nozzle set so I replaced the standard 0.4mm stainless nozzle with the hardened steel one. The stringing is almost gone now.
I also notice random layer shift issues and the printhead knocking over prints at overhangs.

I’ve read about the hardened steel nozzle, but I’ve opened a support ticket. In my opinion, the solution can’t be to buy a new nozzle.


Bambu labs replied to my ticket they said For your issue, it is recommended to clean the guide rails and tighten the belts.

I also have the same stringing issues from day ONE and would like to know if there is any news on this. Buying a new nozzle can’t be the only solution…

I bought the steel hardened nozzle it actually has fixed the stringing but I have still noticed some imperfections

Late to the party, but i hope this will help some of you with a specific stringing related issue. I had stringing problem but in a different way.
Luckily for me I had also printed at the same time the answer to my problem.

I was testing the 0.2mm nozzle and printed a very small,detailed and tall model, and because i needed that part multiple times i have printed it 4 times in the same run on the same plate. One of the 4 samples was absolutely destroyed by stringing, and the rest were perfect.

The reason was the “retract on layer change” setting followed by the “wipe while retracting” default settings. You can find the settings under the Printer settings → Extruder (tab) → Retraction (section).

I could clearly identify the problem because after every finished layer, the nozzle went for cleaning, and the 1st model it was returning to for the next layer, was the destroyed model. All the other copies of the same model were perfectly clean. So the issue was very obvious, and came from that (IMHO useless) option checked by default in Bambu studio slicer.

I’m not sure the purpose of that function, but feel free to correct me if i’m wrong. All i could see is no stringing after I’ve unchecked the two options. The firmware has a lot of rough bits at least on my a1, but that’s another story for another thread.

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Doing the retraction test in orca slicer unfortunately made 0 difference with your settings @razvand21 . I’ll wait for my hardened steel nozzle

Watching the Orca Slicer retraction test print I can clearly see that zhop creates a little point of filament and then the nozzle comes back and smears it around the next layer causing the stringing.