Studio Beta and Save as Non Beta Version

I am running Beta and yes, the Maker World Page does not accept Beta 3mf files. Thats okay. But is it possible to save a 3mf file without Beta Options that I can add new Print Profiles?

From my understanding it is not possible. You need to use a non Beta version.

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You can do “File/Export/Export Generic 3MF”. I’m not sure what will be missing from such a file, a quick test indicates most things are intact. I presume it will be uploadable to Makerworld but didn’t try it.

I’ve prepared a 3mf in the beta and then opened in the standard Studio, just bump the model or something and resave. It saves as a standard 3mf (I think it strips the scarf joints and anything non-kosher) and uploads fine to MW

Exporting as generic also doesn’t work,

I wikk try to install the non-.beta in parallel on my PC.