Studio doesn't work with chrome remote desktop

When I use chrome remote desktop to access my windows computer studio app the prepare
and preview tabs don’t refresh on the right side. I see what was there before. Apparently the display code doesn’t use the normal windows graphics driver. The other tabs work fine.

This is a big problem for me since I want to control my p1s from a chromebook sitting next to the p1s. Is there any way for me to fix this on my end? I doubt bambu labs will change something this fundamental.

All tabs work for me for Studio and Orca Slicer 1.6.3.

The host is now running Windows 11 but it previously worked on Windows 10 as well.

I can’t get the tabs to work so I’m going to try using microsoft remote desktop. I am paying the $99 to upgrade to windows 11 pro. There are several chomebook apps to acess rdp. Wish me luck.

Probably no help for you but I should have mentioned that I can run chrome remote desktop from Android tablets as well as from windows machines, no issues.