Suggestion: Check if cover is on before moving

I have on a couple of occasions forgotten to put the printer head cover back on after changing the nozzle. It then hangs on the belt to the left of the printer head.

The printer does not check that the cover is on before moving when I then start a new print or home the tool head.
This then results in a failure to home an axis.

Is it possible to implement a check of this before the printer does anything?

Assuming you have a P series? It does on the X1C.


I think at some point we have to take responsibility for making sure the machine is assembled before asking it to print. A missing head cover should be apparent with just a glance. I know my car does not remind me if I try to drive away with the hood up.

A cup of coffee before beginning work might be helpful.

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I have the x1c, so that doesn’t help much.

It is a super simple feature and basic machine safety. Wiping it off on the user is not a good idea.

When the front cover is detached I get this error popup in Bambu Studio

and this popup on the printer display.


I get that error as well, but only once the print is started. Not while homing/preparing.

Do you not clean the nozzle or at least inspect it before you print? I have a TPS report we should discuss :grin:

Those errors are from when the machine is idle.


I can’t see this as “wiping it off on the user”. It was the user that removed the cover. Bambu cannot predict all the mistakes users can make.

Same here on my printer while idle. Its been idle for 24 hours.

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If you know a bit about machine safety, you want to prevent any obvious errors. This is an obvious error that the sensors are present for and that you merely insert as a condition for movement.

I just tested it, and the warning/error message does not pop up every time the cover is off. Neither does it prevent movement of the printer head. This is not good programming for a machine that can damage itself by moving when the cover is off.

Nope. I am a dad of small children, thus time is limited.

I forget about a world wide site and cultural quips of pop culture sprinkles, I was making a reference to the movie Office Space, anyway I apologize about the confusion and what probably was a confusing exchange. I will do better

No worries, my mistake for not having watched the office.

Yes i see that the cover is off and you didnt get a notification of the cover being off.

But you did! That little red dot down by the lower left corner is your indication. Yes, that is unacceptable that is was not brought to the very front screen at that time.

Also i was able to move the hotend or bed at will with the cover off. I personally don’t have a problem with this as i will make sure it is mechanically sound before i move it.

If someone wants protection ask away.

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