SUNLU PLA Matte Filament with Generic PLA Settings

Hello I am not new to 3D printing as I have had a few different 3D printers over the years, but I just recently got the X1 Carbon with AMS and love it!

I started with the PLA that came with the printer, but subsequently got the SUNLU PLA Matte filament from Amazon (not the PLA plus) and some prints have worked great, but others have had some strings of filament coming off the first layer and some adhesion issues on the first layer, though that could have been user error by me by not putting enough glue stick down. One was so bad it created a giant blob over the nozzle.

I have subsequently bought some Bambu Matte filament that I will try once I receive it just to try to reduce some variables, but have others used the SUNLU matte filament with no issues previously? I am just using the “generic PLA” setting at the moment.

I just like the SUNLU as it is cheap and quickly available from Amazon.


Ive had problem with off brand matte PLA as well. You have to print it a bit slower and I always had adhesion issues even with smooth PEI plate which has the best adhesion usually. I use nano polymer adhesive when i print that stuff.

I’m having the same issue. Cant get the first layer to stick and the printer stopped auto leveling for some reason…

So you just stick with using the Bambu filament?

Met the same issue at first.
And I found the configs for X1C on their website,
things are going much better now.
but still not as good as I expected like some other filaments.

Matte in general is not the best PLA. It has worst layer adhesion, strength etc.

Very good info I wasn’t aware of that. All of my 3D printing over the past years was always with standard PLA, I wasn’t even aware of matte PLA until recently. So even Bambu’s own Matte PLA might have these same adhesion and strength challenges as that’s just part of what comes with the territory of matte PLA?

I use the eSUN PLA-Matte with an A1-mini.

I started using it with a modified BambuLab PLA-Matte preset (lower print speed and fan always at 100% as recommended by eSun). This worked okay but occasionally led to stringing.
I tried a bit - always the same result - until I simply used the BambuLab PLA-Matte preset without modification. Works great, prints quickly in good quality and very rarely goes wrong. I also generally make sure that the PLA mat is well dried.

Perhaps this will also help with SUNLU, ah and of course a new dynamic calibration after a longer storage period.

This is a very good point, I didn’t even notice that there was a Bambu PLA Matte option, I definitely will try that next time. Thanks!

I just finished a 19-hour job on the X1C with the PLA clear SunLU
it worked great! I have tried the Bambu PLA marble but failed several trials.

The setting was the Bambu setting for Generic PLA

Now I restarted the job again but got spaghetti with the SUNLU.
it is important to wash the Cold Plate with detergent and IPA.

good luck everyone.

Wow, a 19 hour job! Every job I have done so far has been super fast, even the largest of parts. And I’ve been cleaning the bed with just a wet paper towel, so how are you doing this? Alcohol wipes and some sort of detergent or something? Thanks!

Yes, simple kitchen soap did the trick for me, followed by 99% isopropanol after washing with the soap. Do not touch the plate with your fingers. I did not use glue on the PLA plate.

This long print job (19h, 13h, and 10h) solved a problem with my mother-in-law chipping the edge of an expensive kitchen counter made of granite. See the bottom edge, all chipped up!
So, the print needed to be a strong granite bumper. The print has 5 wall layers with 8% infill. The filament is SUNLU. I used about 1.5kg to print 4 pieces, which will later be joined and glued together with a printed square dowel. Then, a clear coat spray will be applied to seal it.

The same result was achieved on the Engineering plate side with BamBu PETG. After many failures, I ended up washing it with soap and increased the temperature to 270°C and 80°C on the bed. This was a 4-piece print, with each piece taking about 5 hours. The diameter of the lampshade is about 20 inches in outer diameter.

The LED strip on the “Granite Bumper” will be added later,
super result with the BAMBAM!


I don’t use Sunlu PLA matte and only use Sunlu PLA + making sure my outer walls are at least 200mm/s and my model turns out mat ;). If I want a satin look, I set my outer walls speed at 60mm/s. I exclusively use Sunlu PLA+ for its versatility, never failed a print.

May be I should point out that I almost only use black filament, hope colored ones turn out the same…

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Wow, very cool stuff. Love the idea of making so many parts and gluing together with a square dowel to make something this large.

How exactly do you use kitchen soap on the bed without making a mess all inside the printer? Or do you take the plate out or something somehow?

The XC1 comes with a detachable magnetic bed sheet. so I take it under the kitchen sink.

OMG, I’ve had this puppy for months and didn’t realize that. Doh! Well that is much easier then!!!