SUNLU PLA META, awful first layer no matter what

I did flow dynamics/flow rate.
It is 0.24 Draft profile from Bambu.

Created profile for sunlu meta from Bambu pla.

All other tested materials are working fine.
Using PEI sheet, tested foot elephant reduction from 0.02 - 0.2.

Temps 200 / 220 tested.

Still having an awful adhesion of first layer for big objects

Have you tried manually tuning your filament? From what I see here, my first line of attack would be to reduce the flow ratio.

Also, can you show a better picture? If what I’m seeing in this image is a void in the first layer, it means that you have a contaminated build plate.

I’m guessing that this is a smooth PEI plate? If yes, then you could have fingerprint smudges that aren’t visible. Here is a post regarding invisible contamination from earlier in the year.

I call your attentions specifically to this image example. In this case, it was a High Temp plate but the principle is the same for PEI and other plates.


I’ve tried Meta, you printing it way to hot.
For me, it printed best at 160* on my SV06.
I don’t use it anymore, because I kept forgetting to adjust the temp.