Support for tube printing

Hello guys,
I have a very thin tube to print about 10 cm long. Would it be possible to create supports in the idea of the green lines in the picture, to remove vibrations and prevent the tube from coming off the plate during printing?

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Have you tried a nice wide brim around the base of tube?


You could try slowing down your print speeds and like Jon stated, add a nice brim. If you are set on speed, model in some stability that you can then cut away or something, up to you.

if you go the route of supports, you will need to model them yourself.

But is there a solution in BS to route the supports myself ?

The cleanest I’ve seen is to have a cylinder support tower (or two) next to your tube and then ~1mm dia fingers that connect the tower and tube horizontally. Kind’a looks like a ladder in the end. The 1mm fingers are then easy to snap off cleanly using a flush cutter. This is something you’d have to model yourself, though.

Yes actually, manually paint support and mask out everything else that isn’t intended to get a support.

Now go to the Support tab of your object/plate.

Scroll down to the last dropdown box called “Support/Object XY Distance.”

This will manually adjust the distance of any support trunks/walls from generating near or away from the object you are printing.

You can also add modifier volumes to block generation of support where you don’t want it.

That is the best you can “route.” with the slicer software and any further modifications would need to be done in your CAD/DCC.

I suggest you try using OrcaSlicer, which has an organic tree support style not available in Bambu Studio.

I made a .step file for a 100mm tube in Fusion 360, with a 4mm outside diameter, and 3mm inside diameter. Sliced in BS with a 5mm outside brim, the first 50mm printed very well, then the filament started to pull the top around in circles and it was just a fused mass above 60mm.

I tried painting a manual tree support, painting just a single “dot” on the side of the tube, but neither BS nor OrcaSlicer would generate a support on the vertical sides. But the Organic style in OrcaSlicer produced a very nice support which held the tube in place up to about 80mm, when the tiny support broke loose from the tube. The surface of the tube still maintained a decent finish up to about 95mm, when I tried giving it some more support with my finger and really messed it up. I think with two supports on opposite sides the tube would have printed very nicely.


Right click your tube- add support modifier-
I usually add a cone, resize to like 5x5x5mm, rotate 90, move it so the point is inside the model by a mm or so, use manual tree supports

Thank you for all these ideas. I am not familiar with the medium and paint, never used until now, which is why I asked if it was possible before investigating. With your advice, I will do different tests and find the best solution for my tube.

Thank again

The result with all your ideas
This one with orca

These one with BS


Thank again

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You can try to also print the tube horizontally with very slow first several layers and then without supports at all if some sag inside can be tolerated, or print it diagonally with several points having strong tree support marked on them. Both methods will improve it’s stiffness.