Support G Issues

Has anyone had any success with the Support G filament?

  • I have been printing with PA-CF using Support G as the interface layer.
  • I’m using the default/recommended settings within Bambu Studio (0.0mm Z heights, concentric interface, etc)
  • Printing with a 0.6mm nozzle (as we were finding the nozzle clogged from time to time with PA-CF).
  • Both PA-CF and Support G filaments have been dried for extensive periods.

I have not been able to print a part where the support G fully separates form the part. It’s certainly not as easy to remove as I’d have hoped for and we’re actually getting better results using PA-CF as the interface layer.

Are there any tips or recommendations? Or is it best to avoid this material?


I am having the exact same problem. I would love to know if there are better settings to use, or i this material is just not very good.

I suspect the material is no good.

After several emails back and forth email with Bambu tech support, I gave up when it was clear they didn’t have an answer.

Highly recommend Polymaker’s PA-12 support material. It actually came off the part when I flexed the plate to remove the part. The 2nd picture shows the side of the part that was touching the support material. The part was actually printed in their beta PA612-CF filament, but the support material still worked fantastic.

The Amazon product page says it is only compatible with PA12 based nylon filament. I would like to know if anyone tries it with Bambu PAHT-CF filament.

I’m having a similar issue, it was printing irregularly with lots of bumps/hairs. I performed a 12h dry cycle and no improvement. Either the default print settings are incorrect or the material is shot, I am trying a double-layer interface on my next print to give it a chance. I received my material new two days ago. There is not really any obvious date or lot code on the box, only a bar code that reads 931042539703, maybe there was a bad batch recently?

Unlikely a bad batch - my original post is now 6 months old.

I am facing the same thing. Any solution so far? :slight_smile:

Just a bump to say I’m having the same issue with a brand new roll bought yesterday, in case someone from support manages to see these - I haven’t found anyone that had a solution yet apart from “I gave up”

Support G is soft, sticky and malleable and will not ‘break away’ from parts as intended - you have to dig the stuff out of the part with tools and it’s worse than just using the base material as a support and cutting it off.

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“I gave up”

Same. :face_exhaling:

I can see why, the stuff is completely useless for what they sell it for, I think they need to rename that stuff to PET support only, it’s no good with their filled nylons at all, it’s worse than just using the actual nylon part material, you’re paying extra to make your parts slower and worse quality.

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