Switch display to actually used AMS

As far as I understand, the ‘device’ page is provided by the printer thus this should be a firmware topic.

When printing with multiple AMSs, you have the AMS overview in the AMS section of the device page.


If in a print the filament switches from AMS A to AMS B, the change is only indicated by the color of the dot in the extruder. Would it be possible to change that so that the detailed view of the AMS switched as well to the active AMS?

Wait until you have multiple printers with an ams. When you hit update filaments, it updates to the printer selected on the device page instead of the device thats selected on the prepare page. Still havnt figured out the thinking behind that decision. You have to switch to device page, select printer, switch back to prepare and then update filaments. Forget to do that before coloring and it changes the colors of your model and you have to color it again. Would be nice if it automatically changed to the ams units connected to the device thats selected on the prepare page.

Wow, that sounds like a pain in the bottom…